Soleft is born after our broad experience acquired in Temps Record Studio, in Terrassa (nowadays known as Coda Estudi).


There, we have carried out the record production of several artists such as: Emmanuel Djob, Lluís Llach, Feliu Ventura, Eduard Iniesta, Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona, Lídia Pujol, Amadeu Casas, Josep María Farràs, The Perfect Fool, to name only a few.



Recent Projects


Record Production of “Morbus Ex Machina” de Ksoviet



Original Soundtracks for Runners Tvcat.



Streamming Production of “DemocraticCities” by Tecnopolítica.net

Current Projects


Off Voice for Club de Bàsquet SFERIC




Original Soundtracks for Runners Tvcat.



Original Soundtrack and Sound Design for Tactágara Games.

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